Thinking class action

Ok, I just noticed I've been billed for this BS for 16 months, on a line that when the billing began didn't even have a data plan, it was a basic non-smart cell phone. I'm going to demand a full refund from Verizon. If they don't, and I can't get anywhere with Jamster, I'm sure -- just from reading the other messages on this site -- that a lawyer somewhere would be glad to take this one up. Some fly-by-night company charging people $10/mo. for nothing, with the cell phone companies complicitely going along with the scam? That's low-hanging fruit for ambulance-chasers. Everyone stay posted to this site and be ready to join onto the suit. This is theft, pure and simple.

prankster? Verizon Customer

I was grocery shopping and received an unsolicited text from jamster saying i was enrolled for $9.99 a month and to txt Stop to unsubscribe, which I did immediately.  My bill had the charge the next cycle so I got online to search Jamster and found this site first.  I followed the steps and no hassle whatsoever had the charges removed immediately, my bill was already adjusted to reflect this in my "My Verizon" app as soon as I reloaded it. I asked them to block and they do but its for all "premium messaging" so if you get horoscopes or other nonsense you may want to pass, I happily obliged.  My only tip for Verizon is to just call the 800-VERIZON number and hammer the 0 until you get someone.  I tryed searching the internet for "better" customer service numbers but this worked much quicker than dealing with menus. Shout out to Amanda at VZW customer service.

Slam Scammers

Every month for the past 3 months or possibly more my cell phone bill has been coming with a charge for a $9.99 Jamster subscription, my cell phone company has reversed the charges the past few months but say they will NOT do that anymore. Now I power on my phone and a subscription confirmation message is there from Jamster, I send two STOP replies and both are responded with the text that I have no subscription, I send STOP a third time and it comes back stating if I end my subscription I will lose the credit on my Jamster account, so respond OK to keep service. I type STOP and it comes back that I am NOT subscribed. AH I hate this company, and I hate that they are slamming people with charges for unwanted subscriptions. They need to be stopped!

Business phone

Yeah...thanks alot jamster. In this economy I really need mystery charges popping up on the phone MY EMPLOYER PAYS FOR!!!!! What a world, that in this economy, scam artists like this will endanger other people's jobs for a couple bucks a month.Dear jamster are what is wrong with the world, like cancer. 

Verizon won't refund

I found it on my phone bill for two phones - one from 4/13 and one from 4/20. $9.99 each. Verizon Wireless blocked Jamster but can't refund my money for this thing I never asked for. When I buy something, it should be an Opt In not some TXT spam that I have to Opt Out of. Went to and filled in the Contact Us form to ask for a refund.

Incorrect information

Jamster certainly is a scam and sucks.. But I work for a mobile company and this entire thing is incorrect. We do not have the ability to unsubscribe people from any of these third party services. 


Just noticed a 10$ bill from hamster on my bell account and another on my wife's phone . Looking back , this has gone on over a year . Called Bell , they only want to refund 3 months . They told me all I can do is text 65555 and text STOP , but apparently to jamster this means dont stop . Saw something on YouTube that said you need to text 75555 . I'm totally pissed , why can't these crooks be stopped ?

Jamster is a big scamster

I never even heard of this "service", let alone subscribed to it, so when I learned that I was being charged $20 a month by these scammers, I was not happy. They caused me inconvenience by having to phone my service provider and cancel the subscription, plus having to ask for my money to be refunded, plus ask them to block any future charges from these frauds. Whoever runs this company is a thief, plain and simple. The only difference between him and a bank robber is that he isn't holding anyone at gunpoint. That's the only difference.

charges reversed WHAT A SCAM

Hey guys, WHat a scam. I called T-mobile to get my charges reversed because I never downloaded games on my phone. They gave me the # for Jamster. The Jamster rep was rude, would not reverse the charges and would not let me speak to a manager. I found this website online, called jamster right back and told them I would call the BBB right away if they did not reverse the charges. They totally changed their tune and told me they would reverse the charges. Of course i am still calling the BBB.   

shoddy practice

I just downloaded what I WAS TOLD was a "free" ringtone to my mobile. Then  2 mins later I recieved a text from Jamster telling me this was a subscription service costing me £4.50 per week. I texted them back and quoted "STOP" as per their instructions and they have indicated my Tone Club is now closed. I'm waiting to see what happens now. No way am I paying £4.50 a week for something I didn't ask for. Pure and utter rip off. This so called company should be put out of business - the sooner the better. J 


My 14 year old Grandson's cell bill was up when checked the bill it was Jamsters who is scamers.  He assured me he didnt order anything so I went on line under Jamsters and found a story just almost like mine. I called Jamster to unsubscribe and ask my money back.  Ill let ya know when I get my check that they are sending today 5/2/13.

Misleading Email

My husband had this happen to him.  He doesn't "do" texting and USED to delete them all frequently without opening them because he didn't want his phone "filling up with useless junk".  But that's not how they got him.  What happened was even sneakier. He opened an email on his PC that offered him a "FREE" ringtone download.  Thinking he'd check into it, he clicked the link and found himself at a nice legitimate looking website with a button that said "CLICK HERE TO SELECT FREE RINGTONE", so he did.  He picked one and clicked it and filled in the blanks then went on his merry way, having NO idea that somewhere at the bottom of a page in print barely legible was the most important info: "Selecting ringtone and filling in the required information automatically signs you up to our service which will be added monthly to your bill from your wireless provider  Cost for this service is $9.99 plus applicable tax per month.  You may call (phone number) at any time to cancel this service."(or words to that affect)  When our bill increased the next month the investigation began, and it was finally actually removed from our bill.  Not without a fight, though.  Many, maNY, MANY phone calls to our wireless service provider, the number on the "FREE" ringtone website (which always went to a FULL voice mailbox ..... imagine THAT!), family and friends for suggestions and more than one serious think tank session about calling a lawyer, our wireless service provider (AT&T) agreed to remove it from our bill with the understanding that THEY would deal with the company themselves.  They must have, because it stopped showing up on our bill, and we were credited for the amount that had been billed (3 month's worth of charges were added before we could get it stopped!)  All's well that ends well, I suppose.  The saddest part, to me anyway, is that my husband never downloaded - much less installed - any of their ringtones.  He didn't even know you had to do anything other than select what you wanted online and they would take it from there and complete the process.  He said he had wondered when they were going to install his "FREE" ringtone for him because it had been over two weeks when the bill came, and they hadn't installed it yet ......... :/

Jamster from BC Canada

I'll start with I recieved my new Iphone4S last Oct 2012 and was looking for FREE ring tones and downloaded the app but never downloaded any tones or anything and for 7 months now I have been charged 10 a month, i finally got sick of this and called my proivder (Telus) and the telus rep was awesome and he called the jamster people and put me in touch with a fealla from las Angeles and he unsubscribed me and they are to send me a cheque for 70.00 that I will recieve in my mail within 20 days or less. I now wait for this cheque  Gordy wilson of Invermere BC Canada

What a Racket

Noticed $9.99 on most recent Verizon bill, what the !^%* was that charge for?  Googled and found this website and then called Verizon.  Spoke with the nicest customer service rep I have ever spoken with.  He got the charges removed from bill and put a block on phone to prevent future Jamster charges.  There was absolutely no resistance or run-a-round from the Verizon customer rep.  Thank you for the great info and advice found on this website.

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