Verizon Number scammed

Just noticed "Jamster" charges on my wifes phone going back to Sep-2012.  Verizon was helpful, but could only refund one month at first, then three months when pressed. Called "866-856-JAMS", and the guy said he was only authorized to refund 6-month.  When I asked how to proceed with collecting the remaining balance, he put me on hold to check with a supervisor, then came back in less than a minute offering a full refund. My main message is that the Jamster guy did not seem at all surprized, or question my claim.  They attempted to limit it to $60, but clearly ready to refund full amount if pressed.  This adds weight to the claims it is a scam to start with, and probably has much to do with a pending class action lawsuit. 

t-mobile june 10, 2013

I received two texts this moring from jamster and sendme saying my subcription had started for 9.99 a month. Three days ago I clicked on the website, but didn't download anything or enter my phone number. Called tmobile within minutes of getting texts anf they reversed the charges and blocked anything else that could charge to my phone.

Jams tier scam

This happen with me in uk by orange network, I do not know but i just checked some text from 88888. They took £4.50 weekly and so on. Thnx for repots. Now I will speak with BBB. Or orange supervisor.  

Same Story / Verizon

Same story. 14 yr. old daughter says she has no idea what happened. Verizon sort of took care of us. But it took some pushing. May 2013.


Have been charged over a long period not realising how my credit was being depleted at a startling rate! Appealed to Network Provider THREE ( 3 ) who told me the problem should be resolved by myself with Jamster! At no stage did I seek the " SERVICE " of Jamster who somehow without my knowledge hooked me into their so called " SERVICE "?
Is there some way of being refunded for the " STOLEN " cash?

charged like 40 dollars and i dont even listen to music

Today I went to pay my first phone bill and charged $40 by Jamster and don't even listen to music. The phone company said that they were unable to help me and that was a third party that was charging me. I didn't sign up for any Jamster anything and did not subscribe to it.

Jamster scam 88888

This happen with me in uk by orange network,I do not know but i just checked some text from 88888.  They took £4.50 weekly and so on.   Thnx for repots. Now I will speak with BBB. Or orange supervisor.  


We had the same problem and have been charged for over a year!!! This is a freaking scam! We did not even get the services that they said they are going to give us. With all the complaints that we see about this scam, all the service providers should be responsible and listen to the complaints of their customers. The person at the Verizon store even said "This is America, these things happen!" I don't think that is the correct answer. He said he is getting calls everyday about this issue so WHY IS VERIZON NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT or any other provider. This is ver upsetting to us. This is stealing!

Verizon responded immediately

A $9.99 Jamster charge showed up for my 12 year old daughter's cell phone this month.  Upon contacting Verizon, they explained what it is, the charge was immediately removed and this company has been blocked from all of our phones. I plan to file a complaint against Jamster with the MN Attorney General's office on Monday, but I don't know that they will be able to do anything.


I get my phone bill this month and it's higher than normal!! Check usage and see $9.99 for Jamster on my daughter's line!! After YELLING at her she promises me that she did not download anything! I check on-line and see this is a HORRIBLE company that scams people by sending text messages and when you simply open the text it signs you up! T-Mobile promptly reversed the charge and BLOCKED them! What a LOSER COMPANY JAMSTER IS!!! Appologized to my daughter because she had not done anything. Sad that this company is not shut down for unethical practices!!!

Jamster Scammed Me!

I payed for a game for my phone by Jamster and I'd sent them my money and waited a couple of days for a text back from them. It had been three months and I hadn't received my game yet. I decided to text them and this is the reply I got: Dear sir/madam, Your number is not upon our list, therefore, we will not send you a game. Ifyou have payed, please email us the game, how much you've payed andyour number for us to figure out whether you bought the game or not.Thank you.Jamster Does this sound dodgy to you? I've been scammed $9.99 for like 5 monthsnow!!  

ATT responded right away on this

Was scammed by Jamster for a $9.99 bill for 8 months on my 10-year-old's phone.  The ATT customer service rep took off all the charges right away, said there will be no more, and put a Subscription Blocker on the phone account.  A great outcome.  I hope it goes as well for everyone else.

Jamster Scamster2

I noticed on my April bill there was an 11 dollar charge. I looked back and it had been charged since December 2012. I called Bell and they gave me a number for Jamster. I told the rep that i never authorized this charge, and he even admitted that it showed that I did not use any of their services. Rather that when I made a download (that i never made) that I subscribed. They said they would send me a bank draft for half the amount. This is robbery! I work hard for my money honey and I don't want scum like you to have one penny! I made a complaint to bbb right away.

Scammed me for 9 months

Jamster scammed me to the tune of $9.99 for 9 months before I noticed the recurring charge on my verizon bill.  What finally alerted me was that another company - Mobizzo - also jumped on the let's scam this guy band wagon for the past two months.  This additional charge upped my bill by $20 per month.  The customer rep at verizon blocked both companies from all my phones and credited me back all the charges from both companies.  They are apparently getting a lot of complaints like this from these companies.  I was impressed with how helpful the verizon rep was - go verizon! 

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