Telus Fixes + Refunds Jamster Scam

Realized that since new phone obtained mysterious "content subscription" charge for $10 appearing each month on detailed invoice, but no other information. Called 611 for Telus support ... they immediately identified it as an unauthorized Jamster scam and refunded $70 (seven months worth of bogus charges from Jamster), and blocked them for us. Telus was extremely helpful and apologetic. My question is ... if Telus knows this is happening, why not scan all their customers' accounts for it, instead of waiting for someone to notice and complain?

75555 Jamster APS

Checking our latest Verizon Wireless bill, I found a $9.99 charge dated 6/13/2013 in the "purchases from other vendors" section for a "premium messaging" service with description "75555 Jamster APS".  A Google search then led me to  I called Verizon Wireless and the customer service rep was cooperative in removing the scam service from the account, crediting the $9.99 charge back to the account, and putting some kind of block on all of our lines against adding services from other vendors in this insidious fashion.  JAMSTER = VARMINT

Jamster Warning

Check your bill! I was receiving a $6 month charge for 5 years.  I do not look that closely at the bill, but when I did, I thought it was maybe a one time phone ring one of my children downloaded..  Maybe they did once, but this was billed every month after!!! WARNING!!!   I am on wiht Virgin fighting for a refund!  


Really, why is this even allowed to happen? I had 9.99 billed to my wife's account for the past 8 months! I did not notice it since it was not on my phone. When I was looking closer at my bill I saw this "Premium Messenging" charge. I found this website off of that description and now I am on hold with Verizon to get refunded. The lady on the phone sounded like she had heard it a thousand times and was ready to give me three months refund. I told her no way, that I wanted 8 months.... way too easy for this company to add 10 bucks to my bill!!! I feel dumb for not catching it sooner but trusted Verzion to INFORM me of any changes to my bill. Anyway, still on hold....

Horrible scam!

I just noticed this charge and found out jamster has been charging me for over a year! AT&T seemed sympathetic, the representative had the same thing happen to her! I got a credit for the last two months of charges and a $10/mo discount on furute bills so it will kinda sorta even out eventually. What a scam! Jamster doesn't have a working number, it just says to call back later. No option to hold?! I have filed a complaint with the BBB and hope everyone else does as well.

So Far So Good....surprisingly

Well, writing from Canada...Ottawa.  I deal with Koodo mobile.  My daughter spotted the Jamster message on my phone last night and asked me what it was about.  Being not too tech savvy I said that I had been ignoring it.  On checking my Koodo bill at my daughter's urging, it appeared in January when I got my new phone, it came up as Content subscription for $10 per month. I don't check those bills but will start now. My daughter googled it and found this site and others saying that it was a scam.  I called Koodo and tried all of what you recommended and the call centre in Equador was somewhat helpful. At least she called back when I got cut off for the second time. They told me how to cancel and it seemed to work...text to 65555 type "Stop" in the body of the text.  They refused to budge on reimbursement saying it was a third party contract.  They game me Jamster's number so they are very aware of what is going on.  They said that they only alert me of such billings when over $100.00 so Jamster flies under the radar...HOW many people are getting this charge?  I did get through to Jamster, unbelievably, and they agreed to reimburse.  They said that I bought a video game, Vegas....something or other in January, which if I did, I did by accident.  They agreed to refund $50.00, took my mailing info and said that I will receive a cheque in 20 business I wait and see.  I will be back here to report and going to BBB if it does not arrive.  One thought, they can afford to send $50 back here and there if they are collecting $10 per month from an unsuspecting number of people!

ATT was helpful

Called ATT. Got a small refund ($40) for a number of months. They have free purchase blocker which they can install. OK for me because I don't use my phone to purchase anything. Jamster is scam. Also something called Snap for Mobile. Firms are hoping you don't check your itemized bill (which takes a number of steps on ATT site.)

Prosecute these Scammers!

I am a victim of the usual unwanted, unsolicited Jamster scam.  I got a text message from whoever they are and just deleted it.  Just got my bill with monthly charge of $9.99.  Called Verizon and got Elizabeth who was fabulous.  Not only did she remove this parasite from my line and block their calls, but also blocked their calls on all the other 4 lines on my phone and, without my prompting, offered to take the $9.99 (other lines had not been infected YET).  All this happened in about 5-8 minutes on the line with Elizabeth.  Verizon should definitely commend this employee for her proactive customer service and all with a "smile in her voice".  This type of scam must cost Verizon and the other carriers a bundle in lost productivity as their employees try to eradicate this SCUM.  I plan to email my government representatives about this ASAP and so should you!  A federal lawsuit and cease and desist order might get their attention.  On the other hand, maybe we could all figure out a way to scam them by charging them $19.99 a month for each month that their so-called "service" is billed to our accounts + a $100 fee for the time and aggravation we each spend trying to get rid of this unwanted parasite!

What a Scam!

Called At&t and although they were very vague about why this happened in the first place, we came to an agreement that Jamster was like a parasite that attached to your bill info.

I had to open the pdf version of my online bill to even see that it was there. They have been charging me for upwards of 5 months. Granted i should have caught it sooner, but the nice man at AT&T went from refunding me 1 month to 2 months and eventually 5 months. I persuaded him by saying that my At7t plan was up and that i would consider changing plans if this wasn't taken care of in a satisfactory manner.

Thank you for helping with this and giving good advice - WHAT A SCAM!

Verizon scam

Just noticed $9.99 charge on verizon bill for last two months.  Called verizon - told to called the third party.  Called jamster - unable to get through to operator and disconnected.  Called verizon again with less than friendly tone - received an immediate refund - what a scam.  Save yourself time and go straight to unfriendly tone with verizon.

Jamster SCAM- 3rd Party Text- DONT OPEN

Today I checked my T-Mobile bill and found out that this Jamster Company charged me for $9.99 a month. I called and canceled with T-Mobile and awaiting for my refund. I received a text message about 2 weeks ago and opened it. That's all it took. BIG scam.. If you don't catch this... they will charge you monthly. T-Mobile was more than understanding about it, Thankfully and stopped my account from all future 3rd party charges.

jamster illegal practices

this company is beyond explanation   got text that i could renew subscription for $9.99   called company , off shore csr, who could not speak english, was told i down loaded a picture, which i didn't and that verizion had verified and $9/99 charge.  actions taken: called and got subscription cancelled,  reported to bbb. contacted verizion  no charges have ever been made and this company is blocked from my account.  tried to go on face book but could not find them.  dont ignore these people, or they will keep charging your account    i believe this is fraud

dealing with Verizon

We found we had a 9.99 charge for jamster on our last 3 Verizon bills. I called Verizon who claimed they had nothing to do with it. They say they do not get a cut. I said "tell me another" Verizon  has never done anything free including third party billing. She wanted me to call Jamster. I asked why she thought they would want to credit the account if they are crooks and why Verizon would join hands with crooks unless there were something in it for them. She then said she would give me a curticy credit for one of the three months. I said she would curticy connect me with her supervisor and which time she decided she could credit 3 months. She warned me that she was putting a block on the phone so we could not request the Jamster service again and that just lit my fuse because i had told her we didn't order it in the first place.

T-Mobile Is Horrible

Today I checked my T-Mobile bill and found out that this horrible company has been charging me $9.99 monthly for something that I didn't even download. My wife just opened a text message and they decided that it was totally okay for them to charge me for something that I didn't even agree to. I ended up getting a refund after discussing it with T-Mobile over the phone.Incredible.

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