Jamster Ripped me off for 3 years

For three years now I haven't known that I have been paying 50 dollars a MONTH. For what? For nothing. I have not gotten a single ring tone from them. And for the past 2 years ive been getting texts for them and have never replied stop because i thought it was harmless. Its not. In total it has cost me 1800 DOLLARS FOR NOTHING!!!!!

Unauthorized Charges

For the past six months, Jamster has been charging $10.00 every month without any authorization. Calling cell phone carrier has not helped. I am not sure how to stop this.. Please help! 

Scammed them in return

Telus Canada - I noticed we were charged $10 monthly for "Content Subscription" fee since Dec 2012 until Aug 2013. Two reps at Telus refused to give me a refund and insisted I call Jamster or send the STOP text message (which by the way doesn't exist or work ).  Upon escalating the matter to Telus Client Resolution Management, I got refunded $100 because they thought I was an "honest" customer who had never complained before, and therefore out of "goodwill" they'd refund me. The fact the they wouldn't acknowledge the fact that they were billing on behalf of a scam and it is THEY who are responsible to chase down Jamster, not me, just shows how irresponsible they are.  

I got so irritated, I called this Jamster company 866-856-5267 and got them to refund me the $90 by mailing me a cheque.  Am I being dishonest in getting double refunded? No, I wasted 2 hours of my day chasing this stupid issue and that's payment for my time.  Plus, who gave them the right to debit my account for something I never purchased ? Their scam is a numbers game.  Even if they have to refund 50% of the people to avoid any complaints and escalations, that's 50% of revenue gained by OFFERING NOTHING in return !!  This is a scam of epic proportions and should be stopped. 

This is what I did in simple steps:

  1. Got my money back from Telus after threatening to complain to the CRTC, ( which I did anyways ) because there were only going to refund me half the amount.
  2. Call this bogus company Jamster @ 866-856-5267 and have them refund you again.
  3. Filed a compaint at

If everybody did this, either they'll run of money or would stop paying the Telcoms and that would destroy this whole scam.  Don't just stop at getting your money back, but complain to your local regulators and stop this injustice.

What Jamster's doing should be illegal

As soon as I noticed the Jamster charges on my Verizon bill, my husband went online and found your website. Thank you!  I called Verizon to complain and was grateful to have a step by step process laid out.The Verizon customer service rep helped me to block future charges but said I would have to contact Jamster about past charges. No no no.  Again, so grateful to you!  Then asked to speak to her supervisor who was at first only willing to refund a few months' worth of charges. After arguing for a while, finally got her to credit all charges. What a hassle.  Next I'm going to call Jamster, then write BBB to register complaints.Great service you're providing. 

"Frighteningly Common"

I had a 9.99 fee charged and contacted T-mobile immediately after reading the postings on this site. They credited the charge and put a block on my account and BLACKLISTED this company. They said this was frighteningly common and they see and deal with it constantly. No hassle at all from them. Great service and I am disgusted with companies like Jamster who are ripping off people in the thousands who don't take the time to go through their bills or just are too busy to notice.

Big Rip Off

I have never subscibed to these people i dont even know who they are !!! But apparently i have been recieving a Tx msg every wednesday since Feb 6th and getting charged £4.50 for each Tx !!!! I spoke to them and they dont even know who i am or my name. They just have a number. They conceed i have never downloaded anything and have 78 credits (whaterve they are). Vodaphone just gave me a £50 refund and i have to try and collect the rest from these thieves......... Any sugustions as to how would be apreciated. Mark Field

Refund to be mailed

Just realized today that my Dad's phone had been charged a $10 content fee since mid 2012. Called Telus today and they told me they can only refund one month ($10). I insisted that i want a full refund and the rep told me to call Jamster directly and request the full refund. When i called Jamster, the rep told me that he can only refund 3 months! I insisted again that i want a full refund, he put me on hold to get permission and came back to tell me that they will mail my cheque within 20 days. If you persist you will get your money back in full and they will block your number from future charges.

Jamster Fees

I just called Jamster directly (866-856-5267), and they helped me with a refund.  Jamster reviewed the account via my phone # and saw no download history over the past 13 months, so took my mailing info to issue a full refund.  It will take approx 20 business days to receive, pretty standard for regular payment issue and mailing timeframes.  The rep also blocked my # from receiving future Jamster messages.  I must have accessed them back then through their random messaging, which is what they are looking to do and results in service charges.  I have to take responsibility for not being diligent when noticing an increase in the Verizon bill.  Jamster also did send many texts, all with the option to delete their services.  However, I ignored both these and my bill.  Bottom line: assuming I do get the refund check as they claim, I had no issues in dealing directly with Jamster.  I spent 4:38 for the entire transaction.  And they offered a refund, before I even asked for one...  I bet they get this type of call a lot.  Going this route worked for me. 

AT&T No Problem

I noticed the charge on our bill on my grandson's phone.  I called AT&T and within minutes the charge was credited and the subscription cancelled.  Then I Googled Jamster and found this site.  Don't know who you have for carriers but for me AT&T has been great!!!

755555 Jamster APS- this is a scam

Have an account through Verizon Wireless and noticed this charge on bill and called their billing dept.  Again, this month the charge appears again.  This time I followed the protocol listed on this web page.  I go my money refunded and had a block put on my phone so this will not happen again.  I will up-date next month when I do not see the cahrge on my bill 

service disruption!

    4days after paying my tmobile bill my service was interrupted due to charges taken from my tmobile account, that I had neither approved or was aware of. It caused me much frustration in trying to resolve this with tmobile custome services, due to their not being able to identify the consumers.

75555 Jamster APS charged 4 months

Just noticed a charge for $9.99 on one of our cell phones for a service which we did NOT order. I checked prior bills and we had been billed 3 other times - can't believe I missed that! Called Verizon (under the charge on our bill there was a number to call for billing related questions). Verizon blocked the number, cancelled the service, and issued a credit for 2 months only. I was given a customer service number for Jamster and she transfered me saying I should cancel through them too and ask for credit for the other 2 months that I was billed. Jamster said they would mail a check for the $19.95. I gave my name & address, and was told I should receive a check in 20 days - We'll see!!

Here is my story with Jamster

I will try to make this as short as possible. Just recently did a bill review with my rep from T-Mobile. At this point he advised me that I have a charge from Hamster for $9.99 per month. I asked what it is and he stated it was from a 3 rd party and did notknow exactly but provided me with contact info. After doinga Goolge search I was not thrilled with who Jamster is or what people have been saying about them. So I called Jamster and got a representative on the line who explained there services and how I most likely came across them. Turns out that I have been being billed for 16 months for a total of $169.90. I then got upset because this is my mother's line and she is almost 70. They say I never used there service. I told them I want this service cancelled and I would like a full refund. They stated that they cannot give me a full refund. The reason being because iI have been being billed for 16 months that it is my own fault and I should have said something a long time ago. I couldn't really argue this point because it is my fault for not paying attention but, I argued anyways!!! I asked to speak to a manager and was declined. I saidiI want a full refund and was declined. I said I would like proof of debt and was declined. So, I argued some more. After going back and fourth for 30 minutes I got them to give me a refund for $79.00 which will be mailed to me....time will tell. Now, because I was paying me cell provider I feel that they are responsible but was told that they would not do anything. So I called them. I explained the situation and that I never agreed to these charges. The rep and the customer service turned out to be 100% on my side and apparently are taking measure toprevent this in the future. The rep said they get calls on Jamsterall the time. He did some quick math and put me on hold to ask a supervisor if he could issue me a crecredit for the full amount. After about 20 seconds T-Mobile issued me a credit in the full amount which was applied directly to my account. Just made me super happy to be a T-Mobile customer and if Jamster really does send me a check I actually will have been paid $70 for this entire mess. Nick from MN

July 18 2013

Just realized I was being billed 999 for service I never ordered. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and the idiot at the call center tells me they don't accept calls.  Apparently I deleted the text messages instead of texting Stop!  How can this be legal?

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