Same here

Believe it ame frm me downloadin a free app called fn for mobile tha had some cool ringtones. Called AT and got  bloed and chags reversed. lso uninsalled Fun for Mobile as it was no "fun" at all!

Verizon Came Through

I discovered the same issue on my most current bill.  Called Verizon and they promptly removed the charges and blocked any future potential from these scammers.  Thanks for the post alerting me to this scam.

Jamster scamsters!!!

I never open my cell phone bill. Tonight I did. I noticed a charge from Jamsters for 9.99. I called verizon and googled Jamsters and found this site. Wow, they have been charging me since 2/2013. Verizon only refunded me $40. Said sorry about my luck. I'm so mad I could scream. Can't find them on bbb. 

Why is AT&T doing business with such a terrible company?

After finding this website I contacted AT&T.  They stopped the subscription and removed some of the fees.  However, I am annoyed that AT&T is doing business with a company that is clearly unreputable.  I tried telling the customer service rep and all I got was generic "I am sorry for the inconvenience."  Um, shouldn't you be concerned that your customers are having their money stolen?  

Success with Verizon

I spoke with Angie at Verizon customer service and I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she was crediting our account with a full refund of 6 months of undesired $9.99 Jamster payments - 4 months worth in the bill coming out at the beginning of January ($39.96) and the other two in the next bill ($19.98).  She also put on our account a block so this can't ever happen again.  So maybe the word has gone out at Verizon.  Of course, I will check my next two bills to see whether these credits are actually there.       Mark

Class Action Suit?

My wife called Verizon a couple of weeks and was told Verizon can not do anything.  I am trying again today, but Verizon is dropping my call.  I have a question.  Is there any class action suit underway against either Jamster or Verizon.  This scam seems to beg for a big one! 

Scammed through Verizon

Just found out that Jamster has been charging me (on my Verizon bill) $9.99 a month for the past year!!!   never subscribed to this!  called them and cancelled and blocked my phone.  Verizon better be able to get me back a refund....

Scammed through Verizon

Just found out that Jamster has been charging me (on my Verizon bill) $9.99 a month for the past year!!!   never subscribed to this!  called them and cancelled and blocked my phone.  Verizon better be able to get me back a refund....


JAMSTER IS A SCAM.  They send you a text message to ask if you want their service, they take any response as a "yes". They start charging every line $9.99 as Premium Messaging Jamster APS.  You have to call Verizon to block your line from these cheats.


I called my provider VIRGIN CANADA and talked to multiple levels of people and never got any help so i resigned and called jamster and they said they would cancel the service and refund me, they refunded me 77 dollars for the past months but they started back again the next month and now i have to do it again! wish there was help for this.

Jamster charges - paperless mistake

I went to paperless billing about a year and a half ago - my mistake for not checking my electronic bill sooner.  I have been getting 9.99 charges for 18 months! We have 4 phones and 2 teenagers and with changes to plan and upgrades, I assumed the change in my bill was due to that. I am sorry I did not check it sooner. The charges were from Jamster, but one month were from Open Market. I called the 800 Jamster number and the guy was helpful - told me a wallpaper had been downloaded in May 2012 and I had been billed ever since.  He was quick to calculate the refund amount and tell me a refund check would be mailed within 20 days.  Said it would come from Los Angeles California and could be cashed at any bank.  Hhhmmm... seemed almost too easy...let's see if the refund ever comes!  I did block it going forward.  

Unauthorized Charges Too

I found I had been charged $9.99 per month on my last phone bill from Verizon for the two phones on my plan when neither of us signed up or agreed to a Jamster subscription. I had never heard of Jamster. How does this kind of thing happen?

T-Mobile - Partially helpful

I never signed up for Jamster and got charge 4 times without my knowledge.  I know I know I should be checking my bill but when you have automatic bill pay for your phone it is easy to forget.  The only way I figure it out was because I received a text message from Jamster indicating that my subscription was about to renew.  I called up T-Mobile and had them cancel the last payment and put a download block on my phone.  I looked back at bills and found that there were four months of 9.99 bills from jamster.  But the funny thing is, I didn't get charged for two months of jamster when I didn't pay my t-mobile bill because my automatic payment got messed up.  I guess when there is a possibility that they have to pay for a scam, they don't let the charge through but when it's the customer getting scammed they aren't as concerned.  But to be fair to T-mobile they blocked one payment of 9.99 and provided a courtesy refund for two out of four of the payments.

Satisfaction from Bell

I discovered Jamster charges on my son's phone.  I had been charged for 8 months once I discovered it.   A call to Bell reimbersed the charges I paid and also blocked Jamster from the phone.  Thank you Bell! (-;

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