Jamster - Tesco mobile Scam

Just been billed by Tesco Mobile for £4.50. This was for recieving a text from Jamster not me texting them. What a rip off scam. Texted STOP to the jamster text nimber which will probably cost me even more! Can Tesco mobile not do anything about this? They say they cant but surely they can stop paying these third party scams. Any help to get my money back will be appreciated.

I have a pay as you go

Yeah they want charge me £4.50 p/w but not sure how they gonna collect as they don't have my credit card and I don't have a billing with my phone co. Either,lol 

scam now cost me over $400

I am very phone savy - I did not ever sign up or accept Jamster program.  Realized I had been receiving a $11.99 monthly charge for over 8 months.  Cell provider said they could do nothing.  Tracked down the website and cancelled.  My niece took over the phone and the charge is still coming up - has now been over 16 months and no idea how to get it to stop.  Unreal.


I saw the ad of the website just pop up from my google browser. This website offered to fill survey and got prizes for it. I filled survey and I needed to pay only $1 in order to get my prize, but after that they charged me for $99. After I realize that, it already charge me $99 for three month. I sent them many emails, but no reply. And I call them many times, there were no one answer. All their ads and surveys are scam so be careful and better don’t fill or subscribe for them or you will lose money. The website did not show anything when I purchase the price about the subscription. They play word games with consumer. They stolen money from consumer.They contacted with me finally. They said it would be impossible to refund my money. Because it is my responsibility that not read the subscribe information properly. I think Nowlucky should not sneaky auto-subscribe monthly payment to consumer. They are just plyaing word game with us. It was totally a scam.

Jamster charged my 13-year-old daughter

I live in the UK, where the evil Jamster scam is similarly alive and kicking. I checked my 13-year-old daughter's mobile bill today, to discover weekly £4.50 charges since May (hadn't looked at the reat nitty-gritty bill breakdown for a while so had missed this). She is very reliable and responsible and says she hasn't downloaded a ringtone and can't think of anything else. She asks me whenever she downloads even free apps so I'm inclined to trust her (possibly not the same with my son!). Since she is so young, she is not entitled to enter any kind of legal contract, and anyway her very modest mobile package is in my name. Had I not looked closely at the detail of her bill, I wouldn't have seen this, and even then there is only a number (starting with five 8s), rather than a company name.I called our provider, Orange, who said they would stop the charges and reimbursed me one month's costs (£18). They also told me to text STOP ALL to the jamster number from my daughter's phone, which we've done and she has received a text saying the charges will stop. We never had a text saying they would start.This company is outrageous. The scam is bad enough, but draggin kids in is despicable. Their so called customer number in the UK has been disconnnected. However, I'm a national newspaper journalist and will persist. Good luck to everyone else. 


I have never ever use the jamster service. But i got a text, didnt open it deleted it surprisingly still these rogues have charge me.i have no idea where they got my number as thisis anew phone, I have to suspect the wireless provider. Just notice the bill and will be contacting the provider tomorrow. I will keep you updated.

Jamster scam and T Mobile no help

When I found out Jamster had been charging my partners account for 12 months for nothing, I made my enquiries. I found that although my partner had joined jamster, she was not aware she had authorised charges to her account. No one would seriously pay £4.50 per sales text per week adding upto £18.50 per month when they'd done. No downloads had been made. Jamster wanted to draw my attention to the point that we had accepted the account charges by replying "ok" to join. Madness! Just because I look round a club house doesn't mean they have the right to help themselves to my wallet when I look in each room. This is an evil scam. How do they get away with it. How are they still in business. Disgusting. A steep learning curve for my other half this time. I hope she'll be far more warey of services offered via text in future. However, as a refreshing change Jamster offered full refund staright away when I called them. Done in 7 mins. No arguement which is more than I can say for the service provider T-Mobile who don't seem to think they have any responsibility to claiming the money from our account for the likes of Jamster every month...... They offered to refund half the charges?????? after 70 mins on the phone and 2 phone calls. Why half a refund.... you're either responsible or you're not. Doesn't make sense. When I explained that, they refused to pay anything then blocked our text service giving me some rubbish they were blocking third party text. So closing my account with T-Mobile which TBH is long over due. Makes me wonder if T-Mobile make money out of this scam. What's worse is T-Mobile insinuated there was adult content use on the Jamster account. So they tried to somehow blackmail us even though Jamster told us nothing had been downloaded. I guess if adult content was involved surely T-Mobile shouldn't allow it to be so easy to get roped in to pay for a service like that. My children could have gained access so easily. Jamster a scam. T-Mobile you should be ashamed of yourself.

Jamster in the wrong

I have been charged £4.50 when Jamster claimed I joined. I did not but had to text to STOP to avoid further weekly charges. I am stuck now with a charge of this amount for absolutely nothing in return. THIS IS A SCAM!! Go online to see what you should, but it is not straightforward.

Jamster Sued by FTC

This company is a complete fraud.  We noticed charges for ringtones on my elderly mother's cell phone.  Turns out that Jamster had been sending her texts and she was deleting them. Evidently if you don't reply stop you get charged $9.99. Verizon reversed the charges and blocked Jamster from texting her.  Also, called Jamster and they seemed to think that random texting of numbers and charging $9.99 is legitimate business. There are numerous sites on the internet about this Jamster scam. There are also stories about Jamster being sued by the FTC for fraudulent activities.

Jamster Scam Hampshire

Jamster sent a txt to my wife's cell phone on 30 Nov 11 and, as the name was not recognised, she replied: “Who are you?”  No reply was received and since then, we have received weekly texts which have cost either £15.00 or £18.75, a total of c£200 pa.  The total since Nov 11 is c£450.  I contacted Customer Services but was offered only £50 which I consider totally inadequate.  As Jamster admits that they received the txt query; why did they therefore not reply either by txt or telephone?  The fact that they did not do so was irresponsible and amounts to mis-selling and fraud.  I am therefore made a formal complaint to Jamster and a  request for a full refund of £400.   They responded with an offer of £67.50 and when I turned this down a final offer of £99.  I shall be referring the matter to the Ombudsman Services Communications.  

AT&T was great

I just found that I've been charged $9.99 a month on my son's phone since July of last year.  I questioned him and he had no idea what Jamster is and states he's never used it and/or downloaded anything from it.  In researching what Jamster was I came across this site and was immediately concerned.  Following the steps outlined on the home page I first canceled the monthly subscription on my son's phone.  Then I initiated a live chat with an AT&T rep ready to complain and "ask for a supervisor".  To my suprise, the rep was very helpful and required no supervisor intervention.  She asked a few questions. I told her there was a fradulent charges on my account. She submitted for authorization and they credited $62.79 while we were still chatting. She also asked if I wanted to block downloads on this line (free service) and she activated that for me.  I'm not sure how/why we started getting these charges.  I feel so dumb that I didn't notice these charges sooner but I'm happy that AT&T was very helpful and I didn't have to complain to get help.

Wait and See

I just found that my Virgin Mobile bill was getting these periodic events charges. I had to call Virgin because they coincided with texts I have received and ignored from Jamster. They did this to me 3 years ago and I ended up cancelling my Bell mobile account. I cancelled the subscription then. Somehow they say it was opened a year and a half ago. I know I did not open a new account with Jamster. So today I made 3 calls to my service provider and 1 to Jamster. The final call to Virgin Mobile; the poor girl, that took my complaint states she can put something on my account so that all additional charges have to be reviewed and will credit me back some money. I made it very clear that I will end my contract with them if the matter is not fixed immediately. I also called Jampster at 1 866 678 5267 and spoke to Grace; I found it odd that the CRTC and Virgin and all the other companies can bill you without having your name; just a phone number. They say that they are sending me a refund and I received a termination text. I will wait and see and will post here.  

Jamster ripoff

My wife's phone is getting charged 21 dollars a month on a semi regular bases.  It started when we were with telus and kept happening when we switched to bell. We kept the same phone number. I tried talking to both bell and telus when we were with them and they both insist that i have to talk to Jamster and that they can do nothing.  Trying to contact Jamster is impossible as far as i can tell. I have tried many times.  I am going to try again using the advice recieved on this page and see how it goes.

Jamster Knowledge

I'm giving you guys a head's up: your wireless providers are not the enemy; Jamster is.  As a rep for Verizon and a previous employee of Virgin Mobile, I'm going to tell you how Jamster works.  You visit a website that asks you to input your phone number and the fine print at the bottom says, "You may be charged $9.99 for yada yada yada."  They thrive off of young people who've never been scammed before.  If you get a charge on your account and call me asking for a refund, I'm going to tell you all the same thing: No. Fact is, Jamster's a borderline-scam corporation that was made to get money off of people who sign off without reading aforementioned fine print.  i.e., Legally, it's your own fault.  I'm not refunding your money for that.  Here's what you do: text STOP to 75555.  It's their short code.  Then call (866) 856-5267.  That's Jamster's(aka Jamba's) customer service number. And for future reference, any time you sign on to anything, hit ctrl-F, and search for a $.  Tell your kids the same.

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