scamer jamster

should be shut down lost so much money ,to check my phone accountjamster complete scam

Jamstar third party rip off on Telstra BILL

Jamstar have charged my Telstra account $70 for they say login onto their website. One account shows they charged me $5.00 dollars 3 times on exactally the same time, same date, second.. I dont know how you can possiblly do this even if I did. which I certainly did not...I hold Telstra partly responsible as they are implementing these charges on behalf of Jamstar rip off. When I complain they say the will send me $35.00 from Germany...I cant wait to see message is stay away from Jamstar and complain and complain and  lets get the carrier Telstra to refuse to charge to peoples accounts... regards Da


Just recieve my husbands mobile phone bill from Telstra and he's been scamed by jamster not happy if Telstra doesn't  pay me refund for purchases my husband did not make I will withdraw all my Telstra accounts with them and I have 3 internets 2mobile phones 3 business phone lines 2 x home lines and 1x t hub no happy 

jamster scam jokers

I never heard of jamster an till thay text me iv been confirmed as a member and thay took 4.50 directly from my pay as you go credit how can this happen I read the contract and it sed text stop to cancel but this hasn't worked this is an unbelievable scam and when I toped up 10pouds thay toke 9 out straight away what a joke.

'jamster' even got passed 'barring' measures

I had a bar/block placed on my account against 3rd party charges five years ago. Today, when I received my most recent bill, I discovered that 'Jamster FREAKING Netsize' can even get passed that. They work miracles it seems. Called the provider and refused to give in to the offered refund of half, requested and got the refund in FULL.... However, I am still quite annoyed that they were able to get through and put in one more good effort to scam more money from us....and that the provider still says there is nothing they can do 'unfortunately'.....ahem.....Both companies seem to work well together.....five stars for corporate co operation!!!!!!

Big Scam

I had a message come through from Jamster & just deleted this message each time I received it & I was still charged $10.00 per week without my permission. Contacted my mobile phone servicer & they cancelled the subsciption & blocked any 3rd party payment.


This lot are dispicable, never subscribed to Jamstar, yet received charges for $15. Have unsubscribed to this rip off lot and blocked my premium text feature in my account settings. Hope this will end now. I will cancel my phone account with Vodafone if I get one more bill.

Dodgy Jamster/Netsize

I was given as the site for Jamster, when I made enquiries to Telstra about the charges from Jamster which was coming in at $5 per hit (3 times for the same day and time!). Telstra also gave a phone no. 1300785025 to ring (to unsubscribe)as they can't do anything. When I called this no. I got to speak to an "agent" and she told me Jamster is an adult site/service that I have subscribed to! How ridiculous - I am a female in my late 60s! Dissatisfied, I went into to make sure and guess what? There is not a trace of Jamster in that site and yet I was billed by Netsize via Telstra. I think Telstra should do something and ban these sorts of scams or warn their customers. Netsize should screen their clients. By them representing the scammers, they are just as guilty and DODGY!!!  

Jamster scam stole my money

I recived a tex last month from Jamster thanking me for joing their game club at 4.50 pouns a week!! but, I never even play a game before let alone signed up to a club. In a few minutes they sent another tex "Your subscription to online Gamer Club for 4.50 per week from Jamster until you text STOP to 64546. HELP? 02071369911.So I tryed to send the tex STOP to 64564 and they display an advertisement who say "this action will have and extra cost".Finally they charge in my account 22,50 in a month. I am 45 years old and I never even waste my time playing games online. two dayas ago I´ve to went the 3store for help and thanks they got terminated this fuck SCAM. So becarful with  JAMSTER = SCAM

Good outcome

I first noticed the Jamster charges when i received and SMS message from them advising my subscription was commencing a new week. I immediatley responded by SMS retunr cancelling the service, even though I had no idea i had even authorised the service.On checking my mobile bill sure enough i had 3rd party charges from Jamster. I immediately contacted my telco provider who was unable to help me as the charges hadnt been invoiced (?).When my next bill was generated and sent to me i again contacted my telco provider who was once again unable to help me but did cancel the premium SMS service on my phone.I contacted Jamster (Freenet) confirmed the service was cencelled and requested a copy of the authorisation for the service. I received an email from them explaining only I could have requested the service through the internet as only i would have the mobile number.subsequently my telco provider, Telstra Australia contacted me and waived the charges in question. Very nice reaponse fronm the telco provider but there shold eb a better way to confrim charges from third parties before they are invoiced to  the customer.  

jamster are scum

From Oz and been receiving $10/wk charge from this lot of thieves....never even heard of them! Just replied STOP so I'll see what happens.


£200 for something i never subscribed to.

MobileAcademy are scumbags

Since August this year, I was charged £3.33 a week for a service on my bill called 'EE App Store' (that's what it was called on my bill anyway.) I called EE and they said they can't help me, and I'm subscribed to a service called Mobile Academy, which I never subscribed to, they said it happened over night, which is absurd since I was asleep! They gave me an email and said they had no number, apparently based in Holland, I emailed them and checked the site (which was pretty much blank, offering nothing.) I the end, I send an email telling EE I would report them if they didn't do anything after checking this site. They then quickly got back to me telling me they unsubscribed me from this service, even though they told me over the phone they couldn't. MobileAcademy are scumbags and so are EE, for lying to me. Asking them for a refund later.

jamster more like scamster

i was about 13/14 at the time and wanted songs on my blackberry, long story short i found this website offering "free" music/ringtones so i subscribed, all i had to do was enter my phone number and i would get free music. But then the texts started flying in and with the texts coming in i noticed my £30 credit i had go down big time. I searched for ages to find out how to stop it but they kept sending me texts. my £30 credit was now £0 by the time i woke up. walked into school told a friend and turns out it happend him and all i had to do was text STOP....... never got a refund and never got a song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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