You've been scammed, text STOP to cancel

Pretty much the same story as everyone else.  Got a text message saying you have subscribed to their scamming service, all you can eat for $9.99.  Text back STOP to cancel.  I did and still got charged 9.99.  I didn't even download anything from them. Fortunatenly I caught this early and T-mobile was able to reverse the charges and block future "Third Party Downloads". This block should be on by default to protect customers from these kind of drive by scams.  No one wants to pay 9.99 for the "privilage" of receiving their text messages.  

Nicking Money

 i was on the internet and i saw u could get cheep ringtones but they wernt the price they said they where. Then when my credit was gon I got another top up of £12.00. when they text me every time they took 2 pound of me so finally they had nicked £12.00. A scam and im only a child

I just realized that I am the victim of the scam too

The service I have never heard of and never used. It's a shame for ATT to allow this happened for so long time, so I have filed a complain to BBB about ATT. A class action low suit should be filed.

Two of four lines fraudulently charged

It seems the good news is that Verizon knows about this and is very willing to help resolve it from their end. The question is how did it happen, and how can it be stopped?

Same-o, same-o

The same as most stories here: I received a text notifying me of the "renewal" of my subcription to Jamster for $9.99. Uh . . . NO - I DIDN'T subscribe to whatever this is and NO, I DON'T authorize this payment! So I followed the directions to manage my subscriptions and cancelled the transaction and filled out the message box demanding my $9.99 back because this is a FRAUDULENT transaction! The money seemed to be credited back almost instantaneously. Okay, so not only did I not order Jamster . . . how did these scumbag scam artists get my bank account number??? That's what really concerns me. The only apps (or whatever) that I have ever purchased I do so through Google Play. And nothing has ever been over .99¢! I imagine these scammers are making money hand-over-foot. My provider is AT&T, yet curiously when I followed the "Manage your subscription" link, it went to a Cingular site. Hmmm . . .

It happened on the weather channel app...

Okay, I'm an idiot. I got myself into this. I was checking the weather on the weather channel app when a cut tiger started jumping around just under the title bar. It said catch me, or play now, or something. There was no mention of money. My evil curious side taped the play button and the tiger started jumping back and forth, but nothing else happened. Taken in by the motion I tried to catch the moving target by tapping it. Guess what? said subscribe underneath. This is a true account. I texted stop to jamster and they texted back that I was cancelling and that (basically) I would not get any of the content I had paid for. I still plan to go to tmobile and block them, and I plan to write to weather channel and let them know that myself and others like me are not happy about being scammed like this.

Jamster-Verizon Dot Fraud

I received a text message from 75-555 ( telling me I was subscribed to their monthly data/ringtone/more service for $9.99/month.  I replied STOP and received another message that the service was canceled.  Then received email next day saying the service was active, so I called my carrier, Verizon, to ensure the unsolicited service was indeed canceled.  I was told the charge and corresponding credit would appear on my next statement and that future calls of this nature would be blocked from my account.  I pointed out that this collusion between Verizon and Jamster is fraudulent and predatory and I would be complaining to Verizona, Jamster, FCC, etc., about this practice.  I am very certain there are others out there who either do not check their statements closely or who ignore the phone texts, to the tune of big bucks for Verizon and Jamster!!  The excuses I was given by the service rep were totally unacceptable, too--his grandmother had this problem; someone whose number was similar to mine, maybe a digit off, had probably requested the service and then my cell erroneously received the message.  B*S*--and that's what I told him.

Jamster Blues

I was going through email on my “junk/vendor” email address today.  I discovered a notice from Verizon Wireless dated 3/14/13 about a premium messaging Jamster subscription linked to my son’s cell phone account.  (My statements are online and the account is auto-paid.  I'm guilty of not regularly checking the statements.)  I sent an email to my son and asked him to reimburse me for the subscription. My son emailed back and said he didn’t initiate a subscription, and sent me a link to this site. I contacted Verizon Wireless billing and asked them to refund the subscription.  They were able to roll back two months billing, and blocked all my family accounts from Premium Messaging at my request.  They gave me the number to Jamster (866-678-5267) so I could stop the subscription (with the block in place, my son couldn’t cancel the subscription) and so I could try to get back the balance of the money. When I spoke to the Jamster rep, I asked when the account was initiated and the details of the activity on the account.  It had been initiated in December and there was no activity on the account.  I asked the rep if he thought it was odd to subscribe to a paid service and not use it.  He didn’t reply.  He offered to send a check for $30 (not the $40 charged).  He said they will mail a check within 20 business days.  Hopefully the check will arrive and I will not receive additional junk mail as a result of providing them with a mailing address.  (I specifically told the rep not to sell, rent or otherwise use my contact information.) I will check my statements monthly from now on, and will add additional blocks on my family accounts.

Watch out for Jamster! They stole $20/month!

I called At&t recently because I saw my bill going way up.  Turns out there was a program that none of us actually downloaded called Jamster.  I'm thinking that jamster must be getting kids to download some other application and then billing us illegally!  At&t stop this fraudulent activity!!!  

Your website helped

Thank you. The charge appeared on my daughter's phone. I googled Jamster scam and your site came up. I contacted my wireless carrier, Verizon and they handled it immediately with no argument or complaint. I didn't have to elevate it. It looks like you are getting the word out and helping consumers. Thank You

Telus is in on this scam!

I just realized that I have been charged an additional $10 for "content" on my Telus phone bills for the past 5 months. So I called Telus to clarify these charges and the guy says it's a subscribtion to Jamster. I was shocked and at this point starting to get real mad. Told him I didn't subscribe to this and I would like to speak to someone about the charges. I didn't know why at first but the Telus rep was very helpful and took it upon himself to 3 way call Jamster to ask about the charges. Little did I know, upon further researching online, that this scam has affected many people and the big wireless companies like TELUS are in on it! I thought the Telus rep was providing good customer service. But in actuality, it was only a protocal as this thing is a common occurance (in my opinion: DISGUSTING AND UNETHICAL!). Supposedly I downloaded their screen savers even though I don't even know how I did that. They were very nonchalant about the registration process. Even accused me of giving them the rights to subscribe or some bullshit. This is making me mad. Ripping people off in broad daylight! I'm disgusted.

Unsolicited "Service"

I also recieved an unsolicited "service" from these criminals with the option to pay 1 penny less than $10 and cancel my subscription to their scheme. I didn't want to know they exsisted, much less give them my money. I want to meet one of these thieving cowards face to face & take my $9.99 back, buy a bat & beat him/her to death with it.

Fraud by Chance Cell Number

I got an extra $9.99 charge on my T-mobile bill last month for "Premium Services" for Jamster Unlimited Services.  I rarely give out my cell phone number to businesses. I believe this was fraud from a random selection of computer-generated phone numbers, in the expectation that some of them would be real cell phone numbers and would generate the billing.  T-mobile was great and they refunded my account and blocked content download services. Keep an eye on your bills!

Why do they allow this to continue

I recently renewed my contract with Verizon and found that there was a new charge for $9.99 for premium messaging/jamster. I called Verizon customer service and they were quick to refund the two months billings and block messages from jamster. Verizon claims they do not know were jamster gets its numbers but that they send a text and if you do not reply STOP or STOP ALL it is assumed that you are signing up for the "product" and monthy charges are made. It seems that with as many complaints that are listed here the carriers would stop allowing charges from this "company". I still dont really know what they are supposed to provide, how they got my number, or why they are allowed to charge without approval (in most locals absence of denial is not the same as legally accepting a contract.) Who do we contact legally to stop this company from doing this to others? FCC?

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