VIP Notifications


I did not know (and no written information) that app I was downloading was Jamster. I put 3 stops to notifications, I also (supposedly) spoke to their customer care who assured me I had no plans with Jamster and gave me website for me to check myself. I could not access website. Instead it just took me to their advertiding site. Today I received a text that I have just been charged $30.00 for VIP NOTIFICATIONS. No answer at customer care - left message demanding they call me ASAP. I also sent e-mail outlining above, requested they check their records and have also informed them I will be putting in a formal complaint to OMBUDSMAN (Australian Business Complaints) for false charging, shoddy and suspiscious business practices, and time-wasting. Can't wait for their responses to both phone and e-mail. Determined to get a POSITIVE OUTCOME. Will let u know outcome!!!!!!

Jamster unsubscribe

I'll start with I recieved my new Iphone4S last Oct 2012 and was looking for FREE ring tones and downloaded the app but never downloaded any tones or anything and for 7 months now I have been charged 10 a month, i finally got sick of this and called my proivder (Telus) and the telus rep was awesome and he called the jamster people and put me in touch with a fealla from las Angeles and he unsubscribed me and they are to send me a cheque for 70.00 that I will recieve in my mail within 20 days or less. I now wait for this cheque  Gordy wilson of Invermere BC Canada

Scammed as well

I only found out about the charge when I received a text stating that I was charged $9.99  for a Jamster subscription, of which I had no subscription.  In fact, I never even heard of Jamster.  When I looked at my AT&T bill I noticed that I have been charged for the 2 months prior.  I didn't bother to call Jamster (thank you 'Call Center in Belgrade' for your story, wasn't about to deal with someone in another country), so I called my carrier.  AT&T was great!  Explained the situation, he was aware of the scam and refunded and blocked all future billing.  He said they usually refund only those charges within the last 60 days, but due to the circumstances he refunded all charges for the 3 months.  Can't understand why the phone companies are not going after Jamster.  I guess they have bigger fish to fry and they probably get a kickback.  My next Better Business Bureau!

T-Mobile customer service helped

5 minutes on the phone with a friendly agent from T-Mobile and the charge was refunded and the "jamster" service blocked! 3-cheers for T-Mobile customer service! shame on the scammers behind "jamster"

Verizon was great about it!

Found our bill today had Jamster charges on the phone, so called Verizon at the same time as looking up on here.  As soon as we told her what was going on, she removed the charge, and looked to see that we were also being billed for the current month and removed that one too, she put a block on the phone so they can't do it again, and had us text STOP to 75555.  Verizon was really great about it!

Jamster Fraud Tmobile Oh

I just noticed an increase in my bill saying Premium Charges. I use the phone personally and I am sure did not accept anything regarding Jamster. I checked with Tmobile customer care and they never looked surprised, and their instant reply was that this was third party software download and would block it hereafter. Had it been a legitimate charges wouldnt someone ask if they really have to block or have the log for our acceptance of the charges. I felt like this was a combined racket by both service provider and application to charge. I hope not many of us would notice the charges immediatly.They said the charges would be credited back only after upto 2 billing cycle. Clearly a new way of scam. I simply came out of auto bill pay just to check for these frauds everymonth.


My daughter was playing on my phone and accidentally added Jamster. Our billwas high. T-mobile told us that Jamster were charging us. I called them and was told that I wouldn't be charged anymore. Next 2 bill came and I'm stillbeing charged. I had to call Tmobile and get it blocked.

Report these charges immediately

My cell phone provider (AT&T) sent me a notice that an automatic subscription was just renewed on my account.  This was for Jamster, which I had never heard of and did not accept. I chatted with an AT&T rep on-line, who was able to cancel the subscription, refund the cost, and provide a free content blocker for any future scams (which I would recommend).

This is just WRONG!

I noticed my Verizon phone bill was a little higher so decided to research it to find out what was going on.  Long story short...I have been charged by Jamster since January this year for 9.99 a month!  Never approved of this service...never hit any "I accept Terms and Conditions" which is what the customer service rep said is the only way they would start the service.  Bunch of scammers!!!!!  We'll just add an additional 9.99 to peoples biggie...if it's not too high of an amount...noone will even notice.  Well they were right and I got scammed unfortunately!  I've made sure to let my FB friends about my experience and hopefully Jamster will be DEjammed if word spreads fast enough.

Hamster Sam

I just received bill from Verizon and had a $9.99 charge that I did not approve from Jamster.  Called Verizon and they immediately took off charges and blocked from my phone.  He suggested I call 75555 and text Stop in MSG.  Each time I did another MSG from Jamster was received.  Hopefully that worked

Scammed too

This just happened on my last bill. Received Verizon bill on Friday and went to the store to talk to them.  They new exactly what I was talking about as soon as I said $9.99.  Told me they would be happy to block all of our devices on our account, but that I would not be able to get the refund.  Said they had tried even when it happened to their family members.  Asked who I should complain to and they said Better Business Bureau.  After reading this, I will go back and try to get my refund back.  Thank you for this site!

Call Center in Belgrade!

I just cancelled my unauthorized subscription to something called "Jamster".  When I called the phone number associated with the service, I was connected to someone in Belgrade, Yugoslavia!  He told me that I signed up for the service on-line.  I never did sign up for any service, nor would I ever sign up to pay for special ringtones!!!  This is a fraud!  The U.S. Attorney needs to investigate this international internet based tele-fraud.

Jamster Crime

My wife and I have a Verizon account for 2 phones. She got an email from Verizon saying Jmaster is beiing added. if you don't want it, text 'STOP." She did that. She got an emial confirming it stopped. We just got the bill, includes $9.99 charge for Jamster. I called Verizon this AM, nice lady said that she will handle and we will likely get a refund check from Jamster. I said I was not going to pay the $10 and asked to speak to a supervisor. I am waiting on a call as we speak, so to speak. This is criminal. Verizon is in collusion and needs to be held accountable, if they do not stop this. . 

Verizon was helpful with refund

today, i noticed that I was being charged for a premium messaging service from Jamster for $9.99 per month for the past 7 months.  typically i do not go through my entire statement, which is probably what they are counting on.  the customer service agent at Verizon refunded me the $70, calling it a system error and was very apologetic.  i did block Jamster and any other premium messaging services.

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