I'm in UK scammed by Jamster!

I got my bill via SMS text. I alerted my phone provider who then called Jamster on my behalf on a conference call. I explained that I've never downloaded anything from them and maybe it was from accidentally clicking on an advertisement in an app, but even then I should not have been charged, and that it is a SCAM! Lol, they are refunding me the full amount, and a cheque on its way.... apparently.


0 #2 Nat 2016-04-28 18:41
I don't know if the UK has a telecommunicati ons ombudsman, but if they do, contact them and you will get your money back. Or you can threaten jamster to contact the equivalent of a telecommunicati ons ombudsman.
0 #1 Peter Ixer 2015-09-29 13:15
I too had a text message. Rang Jamster in London my mobile provider O2 refused to do anything. My contract is with them!!!! I accepted £76.50 from Jamster but O2 owe me the balance of £50 taken by them without my permission.

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