Just lost $50 to this scam in Australia

I'm in Australia. Just got a bit with $50 worth of $5 charges from Jamster who I have never heard of before. To my knowledge I've never subscribed to anything. Called them on 1300 785 025 and told them to cancel the 'subscription' and give me a refund. I probably won't get one.


0 #2 Nat 2016-04-28 18:39
Threatening to contact the ACCC and ombudsman worked for me. They won't tell you this, but each time a company is investigated they are charged a substantial amount of money for the investigation, whether they are at fault or not by the ombudsman.
+1 #1 James 2016-02-11 21:41
Ring the telecommunicati ons ombudsman after complaining to telstra and make sure u get a reference no. 10 days they'll have to sort it out.

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