Fed up

I am sick to death of ringing my provider talk mobile ...about this scam... They say they have stopped it I trie to put a stop myself.. But it won't let me send the tex....ip I have asked to finish my contract.. And they are charging me full term ...I think they are all in this scam together.... I am OAP...and like children haven't the money to pay for these then I'm in trouble with the bank....if the provider aren't in on it then why does the charge go on my phone bill ???somebody please help.. Maggie


0 #1 Bazzam 2015-09-22 04:00
I have just had the same problem. I have, today, submitted my experience on this site. Try ringing Jamster themselves on the 0207 number on their texts. Refuse any lesser offer than all the money they have charged. If no success ring Phone Pay Plus who may help. Also , Citizens Advice Bureau. ( If you are in UK) 22.9.15

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