Scandalous lack of regulation in this industry

I received a text saying I had subscribed to receive ringtones etc at a cost of £4.50 a week (online gamer club they called it). Having not subscribed to anything I ignored the texts, assuming that they were actually a phishing scam themselves! When my phone bill came and it was £30 more than usual I realised I needed to take action. Here's what I did: 1. Phoned the mobile company (Three, UK) and was told I had to contact Jamster. I asked to escalate the call to a supervisor, same response.2. I emailed the CEO of Three. I ended up speaking to someone at the executive office, still the same response. They contacted Jamster and cancelled the 'subsciption' but didn't get a refund for me. 3. I submitted a complaint to PhonePayPlus (who 'regulate' the industry in the UK). Their conclusion? Everything was fine and I had legitimately subscribed to Online Gamer Club. Ridiculous. What evidence had they used to come to this conclusion? The only available evidence was Jamster claiming one thing and me claiming another.4. I submitted a complaint to the Telecoms Ombudsman, only to find out that they didn't deal with premium rate numbers. They referred me back to PhonePayPlus.5. I found this site and submitted my story. BBB doesn't seem to be relevant to me as I am UK based, so it looks like they've got away with fraudaulently taking (stealing) my £60. Outrageous.

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