my 13 year old got scammed by gamester.

my daughter was scamed by jamseter. this resulted into £61 bill on her bill on my account. i called t-mobile about this, and they said they had nothing they could do about this. they searched for the problem and found it was scam. they said she may have recieved a message frm jamster saying she joined a club for £4.50. she is a responisble daughter, she didnt buy no ringtone or anything. she doesnt have a itunes account to buy apps. this is outrages. I had to change her sim twice to make make sure the scam doesnt happen again. with her new sim she has the same message from jamster again. my other daughter as an iphone and im worried. i dont know what to do. How could they do this is outrageous.


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Hey great post. I hope it's ok that I shared it on my Twitter, if not, no worries just tell me and I'll
delete it. Either way keep up the good work.

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