i have had £58 worth of purchases added to my account by jamster so i went into town (vodafone is my service provider) as i couldn't get help from them via the internet as they said it was google who put the purchases on my bill. The girl in the shop told me she couln't trace who added the purchases and informed me that the apps were from jamster and that she has never heard of jamster and i would have to call customer service. I will do this tomorrow and give you an update but i know i can't afford to pay the money and won't.


Recieved Telstra bill with $45  worth of third party charges. Rang Telstra and they told me I have to ring number on my bill in that section. Net size they call themselves.  This is just a helpline number.  Put me onto another number which I rang. Was told I had accepted terms and conditions etc to join. I knew nothing about it. All I knew was I got several texts which I deleted but got charged $5 a time. Three lots on the one time at one stage. I ended up texting stop and ended whatever I had supposedly joined.  Person on phone said they would send me a refund for $35 Aus dollars in mail. I was charged $45. Said no I will just not pay and you can sort out with Telstra. See what happens. 

Refund please

I have just checked my bill for my phone mobile and have been charged £25.23 for products I do recall purchasing or subscriping to this website called jamster I am so angry and want my refund back as soon as possible I have cancelled the subscription which do not recall ever signing up for 


Jamster say the person with over £90 of charges, downloaded 1 game and 'must have agreed with the terms and conditions' - which I have printed - small print over 4 pages of A4 sheets - very easy to see on a mobile device...NOT.  You must be over 16 and have permission from the account holder.  Neither of these are true.  We moved providers to be rid of them and low and behold they send a text reminding us we are still subscribed until i text STOP, which I did and the text could not be delivered.  I called London, 02071369911 to tell them what I thought of their TERMS AND CONDITIONS

I'm in UK scammed by Jamster!

I got my bill via SMS text. I alerted my phone provider who then called Jamster on my behalf on a conference call. I explained that I've never downloaded anything from them and maybe it was from accidentally clicking on an advertisement in an app, but even then I should not have been charged, and that it is a SCAM! Lol, they are refunding me the full amount, and a cheque on its way.... apparently.

Refunded by Jamster

I was signed up to jamster when I was tring to remove an app from my screen.I phoned their number within 8 minutes and complained, telling them that  did not download anything or wanted to sign up. After an argument I was asked for my name and address;2 weeks later I had a cheque from them for £4.50 issued through Deutsche Bank - Irland. 

Just lost $50 to this scam in Australia

I'm in Australia. Just got a bit with $50 worth of $5 charges from Jamster who I have never heard of before. To my knowledge I've never subscribed to anything. Called them on 1300 785 025 and told them to cancel the 'subscription' and give me a refund. I probably won't get one.

Fed up

I am sick to death of ringing my provider talk mobile ...about this scam... They say they have stopped it I trie to put a stop myself.. But it won't let me send the tex....ip I have asked to finish my contract.. And they are charging me full term ...I think they are all in this scam together.... I am OAP...and like children haven't the money to pay for these then I'm in trouble with the bank....if the provider aren't in on it then why does the charge go on my phone bill ???somebody please help.. Maggie


I contacted Telstra who put me through to a Jamster representative. They said they would send a refund which they did BUT they sent the cheque with the name mis-spelt so we cant bank it. Now we cant find a contact address to send the cheque back for reissue.

Scandalous lack of regulation in this industry

I received a text saying I had subscribed to receive ringtones etc at a cost of £4.50 a week (online gamer club they called it). Having not subscribed to anything I ignored the texts, assuming that they were actually a phishing scam themselves! When my phone bill came and it was £30 more than usual I realised I needed to take action. Here's what I did: 1. Phoned the mobile company (Three, UK) and was told I had to contact Jamster. I asked to escalate the call to a supervisor, same response.2. I emailed the CEO of Three. I ended up speaking to someone at the executive office, still the same response. They contacted Jamster and cancelled the 'subsciption' but didn't get a refund for me. 3. I submitted a complaint to PhonePayPlus (who 'regulate' the industry in the UK). Their conclusion? Everything was fine and I had legitimately subscribed to Online Gamer Club. Ridiculous. What evidence had they used to come to this conclusion? The only available evidence was Jamster claiming one thing and me claiming another.4. I submitted a complaint to the Telecoms Ombudsman, only to find out that they didn't deal with premium rate numbers. They referred me back to PhonePayPlus.5. I found this site and submitted my story. BBB doesn't seem to be relevant to me as I am UK based, so it looks like they've got away with fraudaulently taking (stealing) my £60. Outrageous.

Jamster Dodgy

Hi, tonight I was on this website, which I thought looked a bit dubious anyway, but the website told me I had to do a survey or enter some info, and because I have 2 phones (One that I never use and has no money on) I thought I'd enter that one. (By the way I forgot to mention I'm a 14 year old girl) Now I am getting texts from them, and I was just wondering, because my phone have no credit, and is not connected to any debit/ credit cards etc... Can It still charge me? (I got the phone sd card, from an EE offer for free, so it has no ties to anything with money.) I'm Scared, because nothing like this has ever happened to me before :/

Jamster and butter

Jamster, a service I have never knowingly used, appeared [as Netsize] on my last Telstra mobile account, @$5 a hit, many times a day. Big bill! Phoned Telstra, they removed the charges, took my number off Jamster's list, and barred the account to future "premium SMS" without my explicit consent. All in less than 10 minutes with reference numbers provided. Question remains: what is the basis for allowing Jamster-like firms to access/use your phone number without some more formal basis of consent? I am not tech savvy, but as far as I know never agreed to anything. This process seems akin to putting the pin and your credit card in a media release!

my 13 year old got scammed by gamester.

my daughter was scamed by jamseter. this resulted into £61 bill on her bill on my account. i called t-mobile about this, and they said they had nothing they could do about this. they searched for the problem and found it was scam. they said she may have recieved a message frm jamster saying she joined a club for £4.50. she is a responisble daughter, she didnt buy no ringtone or anything. she doesnt have a itunes account to buy apps. this is outrages. I had to change her sim twice to make make sure the scam doesnt happen again. with her new sim she has the same message from jamster again. my other daughter as an iphone and im worried. i dont know what to do. How could they do this is outrageous.


I have just checked my bill for my phone mobile and have been charged £25.23 for products I do recall purchasing or subscriping to this website called jamster I am so angry and want my refund back as soon as possible I have cancelled the subscription which do not recall ever signing up for 

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